Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Projects

Richard Brandt and Juan Cardiel, Mural Artists "Phoenix Rising"
Creation Park in La Mesa Neighborhood 
ACHIEVE partnered with East Central Ministries to create an inviting public space for children and families: East Central Ministries converted a parking lot into a playground, and ACHIEVE contracted with Moises Gonzales of Chimal Designs, along with Richard Brandt and Jimmy Lusero, to paint a mural, and add sculpture elements (doubling as a water catchment system), plants, and benches to the area. An Art Dedication Ceremony was held in September, 2010 to celebrate the project completion. 

International District Community Trails Project 
In March, 2009, ACHIEVE received supplemental funding to implement the CDC Action Guide, “Places for Physical Activity – Facilitating Development of a Community Trail and Promoting Its Use to Increase Physical Activity Among Youth and Adults.” This initiative is designed to reduce barriers to physical activity by creating new or modifying existing places for physical activity, and to promote their use. ACHIEVE spent several months gathering community input and assessing the ‘walkability’ of the South San Pedro, Trumbull, and La Mesa neighborhoods. In March, 2010 a large workshop was held with the support of our Sponsor, City Councilor, Rey Garduno, to finalize the trail. A map of the proposed trail was created in GIS. Currently ACHIEVE is requesting funds for the development of the trail from government agencies.

NMDOT Pedestrian Safety Project
In October, 2009, ACHIEVE received a $6,050 grant to incorporate pedestrian safety information into a guide developed as part of the “International Community Trails Project”. Neighborhood-specific pedestrian safety information along with the community trails outline was developed for residents of the International District in Spanish, English, and Vietnamese. The MAP/Guide was completed in September 2010, and a kick-off event was held at the International District Festival. To date over 5,000 Map/Guides have been distributed in the International District.

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Safe Routes to School Collaboration
ACHIEVE has supported the APS Safe Routes to School project by providing professional planning consultation, participating in Walk and Roll to School Day and coordinating our programs to complement but not duplicate our efforts.

Ralph & Josh at Dragon Farm
Youth Food Action Project
In September 2010, ACHIEVE was awarded a USDA Community Food Project grant for the Youth Food Action Project proposal. The project aims to develop the capacity of young people in 3 target neighborhoods of Albuquerque to improve the food environment at their schools and in their communities through civic engagement with a focus on food equity and community health. The YFAP collaborates with multiple partners to enhance the work of Dragon Farm to include a youth social enterprise for selling the farm’ produce, to create mechanisms to connect youth from the 3 communities in a concrete way, and to provide a framework to allow them to take their current advocacy to the next level.

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